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Welcome to our webpage for the South Dakota Association of School Psychologists!  We are an organization that believes that ALL children can learn!  My name is Elizabeth McPherson and I am a practicing school psychologist in South Dakota and have the honor to be the president of our organization.  The goal of our organization is to advocate and ensure best practices for students in our schools.  We also encourage the comprehensive role of school psychologists through practices that align with the NASP practice model.

School psychologists are the psychologists that know the most about education and the educators that know the most about psychology!  We are uniquely placed in schools where students spend most of their time.  As highly qualified behavior and mental health providers, we have the opportunity to have a large impact on student success and spend a great deal of time trying to lower barriers that may impede that success. Additionally, in South Dakota, we are experiencing a shortage of school psychologists.  This is a great field to get into and a great place to be able to practice school psychology!

Our organization welcomes you to use our resources and share high quality information regarding mental and behavioral health for kids.  We hope that our mission and our drive to ensure best practices for kids in South Dakota shines through all the work that we do.  

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An organization that believes that all children can learn!

2018-19 SDASP Awards

School Psychologist of the Year Award

Bruce Ren’s Scholarship Winner

We are delighted to honor our SDASP School Psychologist of the Year of 2018, Kara Kurtz! Her nomination noted her positive and helping spirit and her essential role within her school district. She is noted to be a “go to” person for behavior, academics, and social emotional functioning. She executes a comprehensive role of school psychologist in her district. We are so pleased to present her with this award and thank her for her tremendous service to our profession.

SDASP is excited to announce our Bruce Rens Scholarship winner:: Kiva Sam! Kiva is a doctoral student who presented on Trauma Informed Classrooms. Kiva will receive a scholarship to attend the NASP annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.